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Idiots Who Really Shouldn't Reproduce

Acts of Stupidity

Get Outta My Gene Pool
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Welcome to "OuttaMyGenePool". As stated in the banner, if you've ever had the desire to remove your eyes with a spork due to someone's blatant idiocy, you're welcome here. We exist so you can share your pain. :) I'll put more on this later.

1. ALL posts must be friends only, and have a descriptive subject line. No exceptions.
2. Community advertisements are not welcomed or allowed.
3. No trolls allowed.
4. If it's a large entry, please put it under a cut.
5. Please provide as much info as possible. :) (Pictures, links, unedited chat dialogues)
6. Chat dialogues, emails, LJ links, etc are welcomed and encouraged.
7. Tell us the story!
8. You MUST follow these rules.
9. Please tell us where you have found the perpetrator. (RL, YIM, AIM, LJ, MIRC, MSN.. you get the idea.)
10. Keep all comments civil.
11. There will be NO flame-wars within the community. If you have an issue with a member, please take it elsewhere.
12. We will be adding more rules as we think of them.
13. If you've read and understand these rules, when requesting to be added please mention Trogdor.
14. We reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone.
15. We also reserve the right to remove anyone at any time.